Classic Poetry
A Practical Guide for Key Stage 3

Edited by John Foster and Gordon Dennis
Ages: 11-14
December 2000
Picador / Macmillan UK
ISBN: 0-7487-1910-5
124 pages, illustrated
$22.95 paper original

Classic Poetry is designed to help students understand the formal aspects of poetry as well as encouraging a creative and enthusiastic response to the poems. The book contains around sixty poems, the majority of which are by pre-twentieth-century poets.

Each poem is accompanied by support material which includes an illustration, background information on the poem and poet, simple definitions of terminology, a glossary of difficult words and phrases, and a range of activities to help students understand what they have read.

Poets include: Tennyson, Clare, Pope, Lawrence, Dickinson, Bunyan, Blake, Keats, Kipling, Kingsley, Arnold, Coleridge, Poe, Shelley, Hardy, Milton, Brontė, Davies, Wordsworth, Chaucer, Longfellow, Burns, Frost, Housman and Yeats.

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