Dawning Light
Perspectives on Friendship

By David Tong & Peter Karry
December 2005
Arem Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 1904825052
48 pages, Illustrated, 8 ½” x 9 ¼”
$36.95 Hardcover

Reunited some 40 years after leaving Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, schoolboy friends David Tong and Peter Karry discovered that, alongside building successful professional careers, they had each developed artistic talents – David in poetry and Peter in photography.

They decided to use these skills to collaborate on this book, celebrating the theme of friendship – a decision made the more poignant by the death in a recent swimming accident of Keith Jeffery, a mutual friend from their schooldays. Peter’s splendid photographs beautifully complement David’s emotive verse to produce an artistic tour de force that will resonate with all those who value the joy of true friendship.

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