Fountain Arethuse
A Novel Set in the University Town of Leuven

By M.S. Sia
ISBN: 1-85776-256-8
292 p.
$48.95 Cloth

Behind a university's awesome exterior lies a world every bit as fraught with the pressures of the late 20th century as any other major institution and the tensions felt in academia are sometimes vital issues which extend beyond the campus. Set mainly in the fascinating university town of Leuven in Belgium, the novel revolves around the personal, social and political aspirations of visiting scholars to the town. Richard Gutierrez from California needs to get tenure at his university. Jennifer Sidney from England is determined to advance his career. Aisling O'Shea and her six-year old son Philip from Ireland have different expectations of their trip. What starts as an academic sojourn for these individuals becomes a life-changing experience as their paths cross in Leuven and they learn about each other and themselves-and about life itself.

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