Kingdom of Darkness
A Novel

By Michael Salt
July 2001
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-533-8
200 pages
$28.95 paper original

The Kingdom of Darkness is Little Britain not too many years into the third millennium. Decades of government-sponsored neglect have reduced our welfare state to financial and moral bankruptcy. It all happened so quickly. Those who advocated the unrestrained power of market forces to determine everything surely could not have foreseen the consequences. Or had they, and simply not cared? So the country is now divided into separate zones for the elite, the silent majority, and the underclass who endure lives of unimaginable barbarity. Dr. Benson, an anthropologist living in the elite zone town of Parkland, catches his chauffeur stealing food and becomes intrigued by life in the other zones. He finds himself slowly being drawn along an unusual spiritual odyssey.

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