Knight at Tancarville
William Marshal The Landless Years

By Edward Hubbard
ISBN: 1-85776-175-8
353 p.
$51.50 Cloth


For the people of 12th Century England and France, William Marshal was a larger-than-life figure. He was legendary on the tournament field; he had returned unscathed from a Crusade; and he was a trusted servant and confidant of kings and princes. But in the unstable political scene of the time, friend could turn to foe overnight, and banditry and anarchy were widespread, as king fought king and church and state clashed. Against this background, William had to protect himself from the paranoia of a king engaged in civil war with his own sons, and from the rumors about him circulated by rivals jealous of his influence, position and growing fame. But he also needs to guard carefully the object of his love - the wife of his liege lord, to whom he was bound by ties of loyalty and feudal law. A skillful blend of fact and fiction, Knight at Tancarville recreates the atmosphere of the 12th Century, in which courtly and sacred love could collide and divide, and brings to life both a colorful man and the extraordinary times that shaped him.

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