Martin Bonehouse
One Man's Look Within

By Mark Stewart-Jones
ISBN: 1-85776-039-5
224 p.
$48.95 Cloth

Martin Bonehouse detests writing soft-core pornography for a living, almost as much as he hates standing in a south London nightclub subjecting himself to his ex-wife's brave attempts at stand-up comedy. He isn't over keen on his girlfriend being 13 years younger than him, or the increasing severity of his migraines, not to mention the fact that he has just been accused of having "a pathological inability to accept his own bloody ordinariness." But when his Welsh grandfather dies, Martin changes. Martin Bonehouse is set in the 90s, a time when necessity compromises us all but draws even more deeply on the distant and timeless history that surround us. It is a past that will not leave because it cannot. When his grandfather dies, Martin Bonehouse is forces to confront his view of himself and his history, and discovers that the past cannot leave because it is a part of him.

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