Mystery of Yamashita's Map

By James McKenzie
December 2009
Book Guild
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781846244001
269 pages
$17.95 Paper Original



In 1945 a Japanese officer, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, buried valuable spoils of war in a network of tunnels throughout the Philippine Islands. Maps were drawn of the locations, and plans were made to return to the sites after the war to collect the treasures. However, after his arrest by the American forces and subsequent execution in 1946, all trace of the maps had vanished. The Mystery of Yamashita's Map takes this wartime legend and moulds it into a fast-paced thriller, combining history, science, myth and mystery into a heady combination that is hard to put down. Joe Hutchins, an American adventurer is enlisted by Professor Okada to help him decipher a map that has come into his possession.

Since acquiring the map the professor is haunted by strange dreams and visions that both terrify and excite him. Only Joe can lead him to the tunnels, and to what is concealed inside. Follow Professor Okada and his companions as they engage in a madcap dangerous race to find Yamashita's gold - pursued by the ruthless and cruel gangland boss Tanaka. However, other mysterious forces are at work. Tanaka it seems, is not the only one who desires to thwart them in their quest. Combining the adventure of Indiana Jones with the mystery of TV's Lost, The Mystery of Yamashita's Map is a real page-turner.

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