Odyssey of Homer: A New Translation
Updated Edition for all GCSE Examinations

By Keith Johnson
September 2011
Book Guild
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846246135
360 Pages
$36.50 Hardcover

The second extant work of western literature after the timeless Iliad, Homer's Odyssey has been an artistic inspiration around the world since its composition around the eighth century BC. With its central theme of homecoming, combined with myth, adventure, betrayal and deceit, the poem has universal appeal to the human psyche and remains a focus for heated academic debate as to its origins, original form and authorship.

This new translation by Richard Wilding adopts a highly appealing and readable free verse style intended to retain the rhythmic lilt and drive of the Homeric line. The result is a pleasurable treasure to be read for pure enjoyment or used as an accurate rendition for the purposes of scholarly study.


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