Poor Little Rich Girls

By Moss Murray
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245367
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
374 pages
$33.50 Hardcover

It is the 1960s and women are wanting and winning more, far far more, than the cards Fate dealt them at birth. For some like Penny Welling, it is the honour of being a Dame, having the ear of the prime minister and being spokesman for the entire British tourist industry. For others like the feline beauty, Marianne Wilkinson, an ancient European title together with a fabulous fairy-tale castle, an ancestral necklace of triple-looped black pearls and yards of mink. While others such as Christiana Stephanopolous wife of a Greek shipping tycoon prefer to dress in sable while dreaming of heading the Board Room. Yet even the haughty, scheming and mega-successful Christiana risks being eclipsed by her ambitious daughter, Stephanie, a feisty eighteen-year-old with all her mother's beauty and business brains yet with markedly different ideas on the route to becoming an empress of an international industrial giant?

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