Printer's Daughter
An American's Romance in Early 19th Century London

By Valerie Gray
ISBN: 1-85776-203-7
210 p.
$48.95 Cloth

The London of the early 19th Century is an exciting and vital place, fast on its way to becoming the most powerful city in the world. Britain's navy is incomparable, the empire is being forged, the nation is in the forefront of the industrial revolution, while literature, with Byron and Scott at its helm, is riding high. Into this extraordinary world enter two young Americans, eager to move in London literary circles and investigate the latest printing techniques. John Aylward and James Ferguson are welcomed as honored guests by Farrell the printer and, in particular, by Tamsyn, his widowed daughter. So begins a whirl of social, emotional and literary experience beyond their wildest expectations. The Printer's Daughter is a meticulously researched historical fiction which has at its heart a romantic tale worthy of its period.

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