Rockets of the Reich
A WWII Action Novel

By Kim Kinrade
Apr. 2000
ISBN: 1-891696-14-9
280 p.
$24.95 Cloth

Best-selling Canadian author Kim Kinrade makes his US publishing debut with this exciting tale of intrigue and deception. Hitler and the SS formulate a plan to devastate the United States with a rocket attack during World War II. To carry out the plan, the Nazis set up a rocket base on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Based on recently declassified US Coast Guard documents, Rockets of the Reich reveals one of the worst fears of President Roosevelt and the American military leaders of the time: could the V-2s that terrorized London make their way to American cities?

Praise for Rockets of the Reich
"Rockets of the Reich is Kim Kinrade's fourth novel and easily his best. He weaves immaculate research with a wicked sense of pacing to create an alternative history page turner. This action-packed WWII novel asks the question: what if the Nazis attempted a strike on continental USA from the east coast of Canada? Fans of Tom Clancy or Len Deighton will love this well-plotted sizzler."
-Mark Sampson, Atlantic Progress magazine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"This exciting, fast-paced novel is very well-researched and disturbingly believable. Kim Kinrade does a great job of using telling details to draw the reader out of the 21st Century and into the maelstrom of World War II."
-Tonya Allen,

Kim Kinrade Kim Kinrade is a Canadian author/entertainer. His previous books, Ice Break, Beneath the Plains of Abraham and The Millennium Man, are Canadian best-sellers. When not writing, Mr. Kinrade is the entertainer-in-residence at a Nova Scotia resort. Mr. Kinrade and his family reside near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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