Russian Phoenix

By Bo Braze
December 2007
Book Guild Publishing
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846241727
315 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2"
$36.95 Hardcover

Operation Russian Phoenix, designed to bring a New Russia out of the ashes of the corrupt Russia is the dream of Mikhail Andropopov. He is known throughout the world as 'The Golden Boy of Siberia', but behind the scenes he is devoting all his energy to fuelling his obsession.

In 2006 he fathers seven children with seven different women. He brings all the children to Siberia where they are groomed and trained for their individual roles. Twenty five years later, the phoenix is ready to rise. A tale of espionage, obsession, international intrigue, passion, justice and morality.

About the Author
Bo Braze was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin and served in the US Air Force, then trained in dental technology in the US Navy. His love of travel has taken him to over sixty five countries. Bo Braze now lives in Meridianville, Alabama.

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