Serving of Verse

By Richard Garrard
March 2012
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846246647
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
235 pages
$29.50 Hardcover

From youth to old age, vitality to mortality, Richard Garrard covers a whole spectrum of themes and emotions in this, his first published collection of verse. The poems look back on a long life, exploring a wealth of subjects, situations and experiences. Humorous and playful topics like the joys of texting, the art of applause and the problem of owning two garages rub up against serious meditations on technology, climate change, politics and immigration. Nothing seems beyond the scope of verse as Garrard twists and turns the global and the personal, the epic and the intimate into poetic form. And of course the most ubiquitous theme of all – love – gets a good look in as the poet recalls and reconstructs the loves and losses of life.


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