The Barriers Removed

By Paul Innes
Studymates Series
December 2005
ISBN: 1842850512
169 pages, 5 ¼” x 8 ½”
$29.95 paper original

This book makes Shakespeare accessible to a new generation of students as well as general readers interested in the subject. It makes no assumptions about prior knowledge of the plays and poems and places them in their historical context. This book is aimed at all readers for whom there are barriers of language and cultural distance.

Dr. Innes provides chapters on characterization, genre, setting, structure, performance and history; information that will help untangle his works. He explains the implications of Shakespeare's writing and performance techniques as well as describing how criticism has treated him, from liberalism to feminism, from psycho-analysts to materialists.

This book explains: how to deal with genre, setting the scene, sub-plots, interspersing and chiamus, the different types of character, how to analyze text, performing the plays and reading the poems.

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