Sherlock Holmes: The Russian Connection
And Other New Adventures

By N MScott
September 2013
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846249556
158 pages
$32.50 Hardcover

The inimitable Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion Doctor Watson are back once again in N M Scott's third collection of stories inspired by Sir Conan Doyle's classic crime-busting duo. Dip into Watson's case notes and discover how a man came to be found suspended in an ice block in Victoria Park, what happened when a theatre critic received an unexpected gift, and how a severed foot pointed the way to a grisly murder. From the fog-shrouded streets of Victorian London to the haunting Yorkshire moors, and from ice-locked Russia to the South Downs, danger and mystery seem to lurk around every corner. Watson and Holmes must keep their wits about them to collar a wily blackmailer in 'The Russian Connection', and in 'The Sea Funeral' they must avert disaster when a German spy ring gets hold of some top secret documents.


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