Spanish Eagle
The Restoration

By Michael Wren-Hilton
ISBN: 1-85776-247-9
336 p.
$51.50 Cloth

The deposition of the Tsar in 1917 was a bloody upheaval in the history of the Russian people. Now, after the collapse of the Communist regime, perhaps the return of the Romanov leader will calm the uncertainties, unify the country and attract much needed foreign investment. A trio of army officers hatch a remarkable plan to trace a descendant of Tsar Nicholas II, and KGB operatives are dispatched to follow the blood line of the Romanovs to the USA and Britain ... Charlotte Johnson, Protection Officer to the Deputy Prime Minister, is concerned with her growing relationship with a Spanish diplomat and businessman whose international links threaten to make her job untenable. Despite this they marry, and she is happy to become stepmother to his two sons. But when he and his eldest are killed in a car crash, Charlotte finds herself drawn to the surviving younger son; her personal life and the machinations of the Russian monarchist conspiracy are about to become inextricably entwined with consequences beyond anyone's expectations. Michael Wren-Hilton's novel combines emotional and political strands to create a fascinating debut.

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