A Science Fiction Novel

By Jeff Gonsalves
Apr. 2000
ISBN: 1-891696-11-4
190 p.
$24.95 Cloth

"graphic, energetic, and packing a dizzying emotional wallop"
-Kirkus Reviews

In the middle of the 21st Century, much of the population's genetic makeup has been altered by a virus as well as by radiation. A new class of humans called Subnorms develop unusual aberrations and special abilities. Chandler Dixon works for an onmipresent government agency that interrogates Subnorms while at the same time hunting for his missing son, who may be involved in a bizarre plot to overthrow the old order. As Dixon gets closer to the truth, he also begins to develop strange powers that help him conquer his enemies.

Jeff Gonsalves Jeff Gonsalves is a registered nurse working in a California pediatric hospital. This is his first novel.

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