Agamemnon's Crown

By William & Audrey Knight
November 2001
The Book Guild Ltd., UK
ISBN: 1-85776-504-4
105 pages
$22.95 hardcover

The two plays and one short story in Agamemnon's Crown reveal to us the world of Ancient Greece where formalities and traditions rule. In The Precedent, Queen Clytaemnestra's present consort Aegisthus must end his nine year term by choosing death or shameful exile. But Agamemnon is threatening to return, and his loyal daughter Electra shows no respect for the tradition of succession. The Unification shows us Electra as an older woman, cousin to Queen Hermione. She sets about the complex plan to avenge her father. Assisted by the canny Orestes, she throws precedents to the wind and looks set to restore Agamemnon's crown to its rightful place. Hed's Tale is a contemporary story based on Greek legend. An unusual party, full of people who seem to speak in code, throws Hed face to face with Cornflower, his very own Helen. How can he escape the web of a fictional world and take Cornflower with him?

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