Divo Italiano
A Collection of Rare Photos of Italian Movie Stars. [In English & Italian]

By Max Serio, ed.
September 2006
Mediane srl, Centro Direzionale Milanofiori, Palazzo A5 Strada 5, Milan Italy 20090
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788896042014
220 pages, Illustrated, 8 x 8"
$37.95 Hardcover

In Divo Italiano, the great names of Italian cinema come together in an ideal parade to make the most outstanding movie festival blush with jealousy. The "classic" faces, the most loved ones, representing the Italians all over the world, names that don't need any presentation - Mastroianni, Sordi, Gassman, Tognazzi, Manfredi, Volont.

These great actors are our precious patrimony, ideal ambassadors of an Italian style of which they showed virtues and vices...mostly vices. We are grateful to these actors and their capacity to represent us even through curios and bizzare characters: deep down we can all recognize
ourselves behind the shades of fiction.

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