Millennial Look at World Cinema

By Jack Lander
July 2001
Book Guild, UK
ISBN: 1-85776-5036
298 pages
$28.95 paper original

Anyone who has spent hours with friends discussing the merits and otherwise of each other's favorite films will find this book invaluable. A Millennial Look at World Cinema does just what it says in the title: examining and describing the author Jack Landen's own choice of the best films of the twentieth century, backed by a distillation of ratings and opinions from all the other major publications in the field. Every entry begins with the technical details of the film in question. The main cast is lasted, and the plot and critical reception of each film is examined in detail. Reviews and ratings are quoted from all the well-known names in cinema criticism, to give the reader a fascinating insight into an industry that grew up with the century itself.

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