Script Sampler
Extracts for performance at GCSE

By Andy Kempe
June 2002
Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 0-7487-6510-7
170 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$26.50 Paper Original

The Script Sampler is made up of 15 substantial extracts representing the full range of dramatic genres, from Shakespeare to the present day. Each 'sample' can lead to a full presentation of about 20 minutes. As well as short introductions, every piece is accompanied by activities that offer opportunities for practical or written work, and discussion: 'Understanding the text', 'Producing the scene', and 'Further development'. This second edition of The Script Sampler (formerly Drama Sampler) aims to meet the requirement for short performance assessment in the revised specifications for the UK's GCSE Drama.

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