Manual of Climbers & Wall Plants
The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary

Edited By J. K. Burras
ISBN: 0-333-61537-9
282 p. illus.
$72.50 Cloth

Climbers are as adaptable as they are varied: a space can always be found for one-a tree enlivened, a wall dressed with vibrant color or luxuriant foliage. Gardeners use the word "climber" loosely-and with justification. Many thousands of plants have evolved a climbing habit, whether twining, clambering, or attaching themselves with tendrils and suckers. They include annuals and short-lived perennials from the familiar Morning Glory and Black-eyed Susan to the striking Rhodochiton in tones of rose and velvety black. Among the perennials are some of the 'great' gardener's plants, the jasmines, clematis, the honeysuckles and passion flowers, the Virginia Creepers, Boston Ivies, true ivies and vines.

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