Out of my Head
An Experience of Neurosurgery

By Viv Martin
ISBN: 1-85776-179-0
162 p.
$25.95 Paper

Viv Martin was just home from a family holiday in Italy when a strange tingling feeling started in the left side of her mouth. It soon spread down her left side until it reached her left hand. After visits to her GP, a referral to a neurologist, and tests in a hospital, she learned she had a life-threatening neurological condition. Delicate brain surgery would ultimately be required. Completely frank and utterly moving, this is the story of how Viv Martin underwent that brain surgery-and survived. Feeling vulnerable and powerless, she knew she had to find some means of maintaining a degree of control. For he, this meant confronting her situation as honestly as she could: by seeking a clear and complete picture of her condition, by using complementary healing, and by drawing on the support of family and friends. As she faces the possibility of dying, she reflects on the psychological and spiritual meaning of serious illness, revealing her feelings and sharing the insights she gained from her experience.

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