Pilates Method of Body Conditioning
An Introduction to the Core Exercises

By Sean P. Gallagher and Romana Kryzanowska
Photography by Steven Speleotis
ISBN: 1-891696-08-4
208 p. 250 photos
$19.95 Paper Original


"... (An) excellent handbook. Recommended for all fitness collections."
-Library Journal, June 1, 1999

"The ideal starter kit for new Pilates fans."
-The Book Reader, Spring/Summer 1999

Written by the world's two foremost authorities on Joseph H. Pilates (Pil-lah-teez) and his unique method of body conditioning, here is the definitive introduction to the latest rage in physical fitness for men and women of all ages. Used by world class athletes and performers for the past 50 years, this mind-body program is now accessible to everyone.

Concentrating on the two muscular systems of the body, the Pilates Method provides gentle, non-impact exercises that build the abdomen muscles to stabilize the spine, protect the lower back, and strengthen the buttocks. The system lengthens and strengthens the body, relieves stress, and improves posture. The Pilates Method corrects the body's coordination, balance and alignment. It also helps heal damaged tissue. It stimulates the circulatory system and oxygenates the blood to release endorphins. It also controls weight disorders and helps prevent brittle bones from developing. The system is excellent for senior citizens and women in pre- and post-natal care.

The Pilates Method is used by actors, dancers and sports people, such as the San Francisco 49ers, the New York, Pennsylvania and Atlanta ballet companies, Patrick Swayze, Martha Graham, Gregory Peck, Glenn Close, Madonna, Sigourney Weaver, Pat Cash, Kristi Yamaguchi, Terrence Stamp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many more.

This book is written by the founder of the worldwide chain of Pilates Studios, Sean P. Gallagher, who is a physical therapist working regularly for the Pennsylvania Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, Sesame Street Live, and Six Flags Amusement Park. He has also been a therapist for many Broadway shows, including The King and I, The Lion King, Titanic, Chicago, Cats, Beauty and the Beast and Miss Saigon. Romana Kryzanowska is the only living disciple of Joseph H. Pilates and is the official senior instructor of his method throughout the world. Carrying on the work of the Pilates Methods was entrusted to her by Joseph H. Pilates and his wife.

Included in this work are the core exercises that promise to improve greatly the physical and mental condition of all those carry out these simple, low-stress exercises. There are more than 60 exercises illustrated in the book, covering all the Pilates equipment, with some 250 photographs for simple explanation of each step in every exercise.

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