Sports Injuries: Causes, Diagnosis,
Treatment & Prevention

By Stephen Bird, Neil Black and Philip Newton
Edited By Jo Campling
ISBN: 0-7487-3181-4
250 p. illus.
$66.50 Paper Original

With more and more people participating in sports and exercise, medical practitioners are increasingly confronted with what are often termed 'sports injuries'. Sports Injuries provides the practitioner and student with practical help and guidance on numerous aspects of sporting injuries. Topics covered in this comprehensive manual include: injury prevention; causes of injury in specific sports and types of injuries encountered; acute injury diagnosis and management; physiological basis of bony and soft tissue injuries; and common injuries that occur in each part of the body, their symptoms and treatment.

Detailed assessment procedures, treatment and rehabilitation protocols for the most commonly encountered sports injuries are also covered. Special consideration has been given to children in sport and there are sections devoted to overtraining.

For professionals who need to diagnose injuries and elucidate the predisposing factors, it provides a detailed section on analyzing the sports performer with regard to anatomical abnormalities and physiological/neurological issues. For the coach and performer, sections are included on injury causes and prevention with specific sections on common sports.

Stephen Bird is Principal Lecturer in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at Canterbury Christ Church College, Kent, UK. Neil Black is Director of Citisport Sports Injuries Clinic, Epsom, Surrey, UK. Philip Newton is Director of Lilleshal Sports Injuries and Human Performance Center, Shropshire, UK.

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