Japan's Hidden Face
A Call for Radical Change in Japanese Society & Commerce|

By Toshihiko Abe
June 1998
ISBN: 1-891696-05-X
360 p.
$27.50 Cloth


Written by the former director of European & American operations for Casio Computer Ltd., this major new work calls for revolutionary changes in Japanese society, including the diminished role of the emperor and the establishment of an American-style business management system. Mr. Abe (AH-bay) presents a reinterpretation of Japan's history, claiming that the nation has created myths and suppressed the truth about some of its past. He claims that while Japan appears to be democratic, it is really a feudalistic society, which fosters submissiveness and conformity. This is also the story of the author's life as a Japanese citizen and international businessman who lost his father--a naval captain--during WW II. It is also an excellent primer for those doing business with Japan.

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