Rape of Tutankhamun

By John Romer & Elizabeth Romer
ISBN: 1-85479-169-9
160 p. illus.
$44.50 Cloth

The Rape of Tutankhamun tells of an uncaring international profession that remains aloof from the problems that face the Egyptian tombs and temples. In a chapter entitled "Study and Steal," the authors explain the historical origins of this sad situation. The Rape of Tutankhamun also tells of the modern, multinational business surrounding Egyptology which, with barely a word of protest from specialists, is engaged in exploiting and trading the relics of an ancients civilization that is disappearing before our eyes. It underlines the importance of such magnificent relics have for all of us and for world civilization. This book exposes the convenient mythology that has grown up around the real problems of conservation. It also offers some solutions to the problems.

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