Spirit of Europe
A Subliminal History

By Bruce Allsopp
ISBN: 1-85776-168-5
256 p. illus.
$53.50 Cloth

The history of European civilization has its roots in the Bronze Age splendor of Mycenae in Greece and the Aegean. Bruce Allsopp's history of Europe begins by looking even further back in time and tradition-to the Greek god Zeus and his abduction of the Tyrean Princess Europa, who lent her name to an entire continent. Believing that myths, ideas, dreams and traditions are more important than battles and power struggles, Bruce Allsopp shows that the most significant contributions to Europe's still emerging civilization have been made by artisans, tradespeople, teachers, and the lower ranks of the Christian clergy-he looks to art, architecture and religion for evidence of the rich popular culture that has produced the Europe we recognize today.

Spanning the centuries from Greek myth to the coming millennium, Spirit of Europe is a fascinating and original book, a "subliminal" history in which events that have taken place beneath the threshold of mainstream documentation take a central place.

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