In the Footsteps of the Whitechapel Murders
An Examination of the Jack the Ripper
Murders Using Modern Police Techniques

By John F. Plimmer
Sept. 1998
ISBN: 1-85776-394-7
213 p.
$21.95 Paper

The five gruesome murders committed in London's Whitechapel area in 1888 still exercise a powerful hold on the imagination. The name given to the killer, Jack the Ripper, is a byword over 100 years after the murders.

A 31-year veteran of British law enforcement and homicide investigation, John F. Plimmer examines in detail how police went about gathering evidence in 1888 and how those have methods have changed. Plimmer examines how a modern police force might have investigated the murders, explaining procedures that would be used. Skillfully blending fact and fiction, Plimmer "interviews" the Ripper himself, whose chilling confession and motives are all too believable.

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