Aren't We a Funny Lot?
Travels Around the British Psyche

By Richard Walters
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846245664
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
256 pages
$28.50 Paper original

Football hooligans, Friday-night binge drinking, NHS waiting lists, corrupt politicians oh and the climate...there are seemingly endless things that make us despair of life in modern Britain. Sometimes we may even wonder why we live here at all no wonder so many of us are going off to live in the sunnier climes of Spain and France. But in Aren't We a Funny Lot? Richard Walters takes an altogether different, more cheerful tack. From spotted dick to seaside holidays and from country pubs to our national obsession with tea, he reminds us just what it is that makes Britain great. In a series of chapters covering such diverse topics as sleep, sex and sunshine (or the lack of all three), he pinpoints the weird and wonderful idiosyncrasies that make us British what we are. Witty, insightful and razor-sharp, Aren't We a Funny Lot? will have you laughing out loud and even rethinking that plan of relocating to the Algarve.

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