Cheerful Book of Misfortunes

By Ean Wood
November 2010
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846245299
193 pages, Illustrated
$22.95 Hardcover

There is nothing so tantalising as other people's misfortune. No matter our kinship with our fellow man, someone else's pratfall, cock-up, entanglement or calamity – so long as it rings a resounding note of eccentricity – is a strange and guilty pleasure... A pleasure you can now indulge at your leisure in the delightfully daft and suitably macabre A Cheerful Book of Misfortunes.

In this colourful compendium of life’s more puzzling misdeeds, Ean Wood provides bite-sized encounters and escapades from across continents and ages. All, and more, will be answered as Ean Wood plunders the limitless misfortunes of the great, good and just downright unlucky in this enlightening and hilarious chronicle of mishap and misadventure.

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