Keep Your Head Down
A Falklands Farewell

By Bernie Bruen
ISBN: 1-85776-262-2
211 p. illus.


Every smooth operation belies the complexity beneath its surface, and war is no exception. The job of clearing sea mines and unexploded bombs during and after the Falklands conflict was the task of a small and courageous band of men. For them, hours of tedium were punctuated with periods of extreme danger requiring cool bravery and a steel nerve. In Keep Your Head Down Bernie Bruen provides not only a detailed first-hand account of this operation, with blow-by-blow descriptions of the work, but a unique record of the emotional peaks and troughs, of comradeship and of admiration for his colleagues. But this is no dry memoir. Bernie's talent for music, song and poetry, which served as welcome relief in those dangerous time, infuses these tales of courage, allowing a unique insight into the psyche of the sailor. Based on the logbooks and notes made at the time, this is one of the most remarkable, intriguing and inspiring accounts of a short but lethal conflict.

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