Name, Rank & Number
A POW's Indomitable Will to Survive

By Robert W. Calvey
ISBN: 1-85776-207-X
112 p.
$48.95 Cloth

Forget the countless Hollywood accounts of prisoners of war, defying their captors by means as far-fetched as they are glamorous. Here is the true taste of the reality of internment and defiance. Robert Calvey's autobiography begins with the landings at Salerno in 1943 and tells of his capture, and subsequent life "behind the wire." In spite of their apparent helplessness the prisoners take every opportunity to sabotage their captors, attempt escape and keep their spirits up. Name, Rank and Number is a story told by a front-line trooper, caught between the cruel and war-weary German guards and the increasingly destructive Allied air strikes and bombardments. It is a story of hope against the odds, and of how camaraderie and an indomitable spirit can weather adversity.

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