Animal Behaviour

Mechanism, Development,
Function & Evolution

By Chris Barnard
December 2003
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-13-089936-4
732 Pages, Illustrated
$97.50 paper original

"Animal Behaviour is an important and popular subject, but all too often core texts focus on easy-to-digest aspects of the field. Barnard's book is different. He covers all the current, as well as historically important, aspects of animal behaviour with a clarity that encourages curiosity. This book takes a much needed, deep and serious look at the most popular subject in organismal biology."
---Mike Siva-Jothy, University of Sheffield

"This excellent textbook deals with the complexities of animal behaviour in a readable and informative style. Its balanced treatment of mechanisms, development, functions and evolution provides an overview which is lacking in most of the other textbooks in this area. It could be the main text for any animal behaviour course in biological sciences or psychology, but would also greatly benefit students taking courses in behavioural ecology, evolution, experimental psychology, and others."
---Ian R Hartley, Biological Sciences, Lancaster University.

Animal behaviour has been one of the fastest-growing scientific disciplines of recent years. Its impact on the way we think about biology has spawned lucid 'best sellers' like The Selfish Gene and widespread scientific and public debate about our view of the natural world and our place in it. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of behaviour, from its basis in the animal's anatomy and physiology to its adaptive value in the environment. It is aimed at undergraduate students in the biological sciences and psychology and is designed to serve as both a detailed introduction and an extensive, up-to-date source of reference enabling students to pursue topics in the primary literature.

Features include: Comprehensive coverage of the four major levels of enquiry - mechanism, development, function and evolution. Integration of ideas and approaches from different disciplines of behaviour study. An up-to-date focus on current debates. Extensive boxed features explaining underlying theory. Wide-ranging and extensively illustrated examples from the international research literature. Clear introductory synopses and summaries for each chapter. Suggestions for further reading and numerous supporting references.

Chris Barnard is Professor of Animal Behaviour at the University of Nottingham and a recent Executive Editor of the journal Animal Behaviour.

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