AQA Business for GCSE
Applied Options

By Neil Denvy & David Hamman
December 2010
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781444102871
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
240 pages, Illustrated
$49.50 Paper original

AQA Business for GCSE: Applied Options covers the four Applied Options of the new AQA specification - People in Business, Marketing and Customer Needs, Enterprise and Business Finance. This text ensures that students will study the correct topics to the appropriate level of depth.
Written in a lively and accessible manner, and packed with images and illustrations, the book will motivate and prepare students to achieve the best possible results.
Key features include:
- Numerous activities and exercises for classroom and homework use
- Lots of real-life examples and case studies to motivate and engage students
- Activities that are suitable for all student ability levels
- Exam and controlled assessment advice to prepare students for obtaining the best possible results
- Accompanying Dynamic Learning teacher resource providing interactive classroom support.
The book is written by two highly experienced authors and examiners who have the skills and experience to know exactly what is required to gain the best grade possible.

Table of Contents:
Unit 4 People in Business
1 Introduction to People in Business
2 Organisation structures
3 Communication and decision-making
4 Job roles
5 Working arrangements
6 Effective working relationships
7 Motivating staff
8 Appraisal and Training
9 Personal skills
10 Personality tests
Unit 5 Marketing and Customer needs
11 Introduction to marketing and customer needs
12 Customers and their needs
13 Measuring customer satisfaction
14 The factors affecting product decisions
15 The factors affecting pricing decisions
16 Using promotional activities
17 Factors affecting distribution
18 Competition
19 Effective customer service
20 Improving levels of customer service
Unit 6 Enterprise
21 Introduction to enterprise
22 Enterprise skills
23 The importance of enterprise skills
24 Assessing and researching enterprise ideas
25 The business plan
26 Setting up the team
27 Effective communications
28 Motivation to succeed
29 Monitoring progress and performance
30 Evaluating your enterprise
Unit 7 Finance
31 Introduction to finance
32 Business costs
33 Using breakeven to make decisions
34 Sources of business finance
35 Profit and loss accounts
36 The balance sheet
37 Cash flow forecasts
38 Business and ICT
39 Financial ratios – gross and net profit
40 Ratios – ROCE and liquidity




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