AQA GCSE Chemistry

By Nigel Heslop & Graham Hill
April 2011
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781444120790
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
310 pages, Illustrated
$56.00 Paper original

Make the change in GCSE Science a change for the better using the only AQA GCSE Chemistry Student's Book that delivers:

For high-achieving students who want the very best grades, this Student's Book for GCSE Chemistry contains a wide range of practical activities to support different teaching and learning styles, as well as exciting real science examples to enthuse students to implement their practical science skills in their lessons and controlled assessment tasks.

Written by experienced teachers with specific AQA GCSE Science expertise, there are 'Boost your grade' boxes and 'Test yourself' questions to support A* candidates, ensuring they have the right knowledge and proficiency to get top marks in the new AQA GCSE course.

The Student's Book is supported by Dynamic Learning resources, revision material and CPD/teacher workshops to help your students learn and to help you teach the AQA GCSE Science course with confidence. Visit for details.

Table of Contents:
Chemistry 1
1 Fundamental ideas in chemistry
2 How do rocks provide useful materials?
3 Getting fuels from crude oil
4 Plant oils and their uses
5 Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere
Exam questions
Chemistry 2
6 Bonding in reactions
7 Mass, moles and yield
8 Controlling rates of chemical reactions and energy transfer
9 Using ions in solutions
Exam questions
Chemistry 3
10 Explaining the periodic table more fully
11 What's in the water we drink?
12 Energy in chemical reactions
13 Analysing substances
14 Making important chemicals
Exam questions




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