AQA GCSE Biology for A to C
My Revision Notes

By Mike Boyle
August 2011
Hodder Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781444120837
94 Pages, Illustrated
$19.95 Paper Original

Aiming for your very best grades in AQA GCSE Biology? This revision guide will support you every step of the way.

My Revision Notes (for A* to C): AQA GCSE Biology will help you revise effectively in the way you want to, allowing you to plan and pace your revision according to your learning needs, and to adapt and personalise with your own notes.
Written by experienced teachers and examiners, you can be confident that this guide will cover only the facts and ideas you will be expected to recall and be able to use.
With My Revision Notes (for A* to C): AQA GCSE Biology, essential facts are organised into memorable portions to make revising easier. Each double-page spread summarises a key topic for AQA GCSE Biology and is packed with questions and quick-fire quizzes so you can test your understanding and track your progress. Exam tips and hints then show you how to avoid losing marks and get the best grades.
With additional online support and advice on using terms and applying your scientific skills, this guide will help you prepare for your top grades.

Table of Contents:
Biology 1
1.1 Keeping healthy
1.2 Nerves and hormones
1.3 The use and abuse of drugs
1.4 Interdependence and adaptation
1.5 Energy and biomass in food chains
1.6 Waste material from plants and animals
1.7 Genetic variation and its control
1.8 Evolution
Biology 2
2.1 Cells and simple cell transport
2.2 Tissues, organs and organ systems
2.3 Photosynthesis
2.4 Organisms and their environment
2.5 Proteins -- their functions and uses
2.6 Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
2.7 Cell division and inheritance
2.8 Speciation
Biology 3
3.1 Movement of molecules in and out of cells online
3.2 Transport systems in animals and plants
3.3 Homeostasis
3.4 Humans and their environment



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