AQA GCSE Biology

Edited By Graham Hill
June 2007
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications
Hodder Murray
ISBN: 9780340927977
Ages 14-16
219 pages, Illustrated, 8 3/8 x 10 7/8"
$47.50 Paper Original

The AQA GCSE Biology Student’s Book provides complete coverage of the knowledge and ideas for GCSE Biology for AQA, with a strong emphasis throughout on understanding how science works.

The examples and activities focus on everyday contexts and real-life applications that will motivate and engage students. Questions for homework and exam practice allow students to apply their knowledge and to progress their skills in areas such as enquiry and data handling. The activities help students prepare for practical and investigative skills assignments.

The Biology, Chemistry and Physics Student’s Books together provide complete coverage of the separate science courses. Written by experienced examiners, successful writers and practising teachers these resources make sense of complex ideas and issues with full and clear explanations.

  How do our bodies respond to change?
  What can we do to keep healthy?
  What determines where organisms live?
  How can we explain reproduction and evolution?
  How do substances get into and out of cells?
  What are the energy inputs and energy losses in a food chain?
  Enzymes: how do they function and how can their properties be used industrially?
  How do our bodies control internal conditions?
  Why are diffusion and active transport so important to living things?
  How does exercise affect the body and its transport of substances?
  How are microorganisms used to make food and drink?
  What other useful substances can we make using microorganisms?

About the Author(s):
Christine Woodward and Toby Houghton both teach currently and both are experienced authors.

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