AS Spanish: Tourism & Leisure
Student Workbook

By Sebastian Bianchi
April 2010
Hodder Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9780340990988
65 pages, Illustrated
$13.95 Paper Original

Student workbooks will support your teaching and help your students’ skills and developments. The full-colour student workbooks each cover key topics in core subject areas to complement the main AS/A2 courses in Spanish. Each topic comprises: 1-2 pages of source material and 4-5 pages of related exercises designed to develop and test student skills, with space provided for written answers.
The exercises take various forms, including exam-style questions (both short -answer and extended-answer), although the workbooks are not intended as mock exams. They are designed for systematic classroom use to support your own scheme of work or as the basis of a revision programme.
Answers to the exercises are provided in an accompanying set of Teachers Notes. Where there is no objectively 'right' answer, the notes identify the key points that should appear in the answer. Student workbooks are available only in class sets of 5 and 10. Each set of workbooks includes one FREE copy of the teacher’s notes (ISBN 9781444104325).

Table of Contents:
Texto 1: Soy esa gran desconocida
Texto 2: ¡Indy no tiene ni idea!
Texto 3: Diario de un ciclista en el Camino de Santiago
Texto 4: Ser gaucho por una temporada
Texto 5: Entre el Viejo y el Nuevo Mundo
Texto 6: Ecoturismo maya en El Petén, un dilema
Texto 7: Un crucero a todo lujo
Texto 8: Una postal desde el Fin del Mundo
Texto 9: Cine hispano: la mejor opción
Texto 10: A disfrutar, ¡que son dos días!
Texto 11: El superclásico de fútbol argentino (Audio)
Texto 12: Tapear o ir de copas, ¿quién gana?
Texto 13: “Te dejo, que está la telenovela”
Texto 14: Cruzas el “puente” y llegas a la fiesta
Texto 15: Cuba te invita a bailar

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