More Than 100 Kitchen Designs

[English & Spanish]

Edited by: Josep Minguet
September 2014
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9788415829676
112 Pages, Illustrated
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One of two most anticipated rooms of a house (the other is the master bathroom) is the kitchen. It's the interior space where most value can be added during a sale and the space that most homeowners, whether selling or not, wish to make the heart of the home. The kitchen is not just a place where meals are created: it is a place for fuelling the body, mind, and spirit. A space reserved exclusively to functionality a few years ago is now one of the most important meeting and socializing points in the house. What was an isolated space is today a showpiece integrated into other rooms. Here are over 100 amazing and contemporary kitchen designs to suit all sizes, shapes, and ages of house.