Peace & War
International Relations 1900-1939
GCSE Modern World History for EDEXCEL

By Steve Waugh & John Wright
October 2011
Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781444138207
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
110 pages, Illustrated
$34.50 Paper original

Endorsed by Edexcel, this series is designed to meet the needs of students studing the Edexcel GCSE Modern World History specification. Written by senior examiners, the series has been developed to help students to achieve the highest possible grades through:
- outlining key lines of enquiry
- in-depth coverage of the content requirements of the specification
- exam-style questions, model answers and examiner's tips to aid exam preparation
- a variety of activities to motivate all students.

About the book
Peace and War International Relations 1900-1939 has been written to support the content and assessment requirements of the following three sections in unit 1 of Edexcel's GCSE Modern World History specification:

Section 1 Why did war break out? International rivalry 1900-14
Section 2 The peace settlement: 1918-28
Section 3 Why did war break out? International relations 1929-39

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Why did war break out? International rivalry 1900-14
Chapter 1: The Alliance System and International rivalry 1900-14
Chapter 2: The struggle for control in the Balkans 1900-1914
Chapter 3: The growth of tension in Europe 1900-14
Section 2: The peace settlement, 1918-28
Chapter 4: The Paris Peace Conference and the aims of the 'Big Three'
Chapter 5: The peace treaties and the impact on the defeated powers
Chapter 6: The League of Nations and the work of its agencies
Section 3: Why did war break out? International Relations 1929-39
Chapter 7: The failure of the League of Nations in the 1930s
Chapter 8: Hitler's challenge to the peace settlement, 1933-March 1938
Chapter 9: The failure of appeasement, 1937-39
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