Tomorrow's Geography for
Edexcel GCSE Specification A

2nd Edition

By Mike Harcourt & Steph Warren
September 2007
Hodder Murray
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340941409
214 Pages, Illustrated, 8 1/4" x 10 3/4"
$53.50 paper original

Tomorrow’s Geography for Edexcel GCSE Specification A has been written and updated follow the latest developments in the specification and learning strategies.

This Second Edition has been comprehensively revised with new case studies and additional support for revision and exam preparation and is the essential guide to the specification. It covers the required content for the four core units: the physical world, the human world, the economic world and the natural world; as well as the four optional units: managing environment, managing hazards, managing tourism and managing urban areas.

Key features of this Second Edition include:
• Syllabus content – topics in each chapter are broken down into clear and informative sections.
• Case studies – all the required case studies for the specification have been re-written and updated to provide opportunities for engagement with topical issues such as sustainable development, globablisation, and hazards.
• Exam-style questions – each chapter features questions and activities for both foundation and higher tiers.
• Skill-building tasks – geographical skills such as sketching, graphwork and mapwork are emphasised in the core chapters.
• Meet the Examiners – structured advice on revision practice and exam strategies from the examiners.

The physical world
The human world
The economic world
The natural world
Managing the environment
Managing hazards
Managing tourism
Managing urban areas
Meet the Examiners
Sample Examination Answers

About the Author(s):
Steph Warren and Mike Harcourt are both Senior Examiners with a major examboard

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