About Muhammad
The Other Western Perspective on the Prophet of Islam


Edited By: Abdelwahab El-Affendi
December 2010
Legacy Publishing
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780955746383
107 Pages
$29.95 Hardcover

"About Muhammad" is a vital compilation of extracts, each by Western writers, which provides a well informed and beautiful insight into the mission, heritage and legacy of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. In recent years there have been many misunderstandings about the reactions of Muslims to public abuse and ridicule of Muhammad through the media. This book has arrived at an auspicious time and allows the reader to understand who Muhammad was, not just as a spiritual leader for Muslims, but as a diplomat and emissary for mankind in general.

By understanding Muhammad, the reader can better understand the respect that Muslims have for him, and the Muslim mind in general. This book is essential reading for anyone in the media, education, politics, religious studies, history, and where they may interact with Muslims, contribute to Muslim projects, or work in Muslim countries or organisations. It will be equally beneficial to politicians, teachers, lecturers, historians, and the general reader.

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