African-American Civil Rights in the USA

By David McGill
October 2009
Philip Allan
ISBN: 9780340974636
102 pages, illustrated
$29.95 paper original

Advanced TopicMasters provide students with challenging and stimulating reviews of key topics in AS/A2-level History. Written by experienced teachers, authors and examiners, Advanced Topic Masters take students beyond the basic textbooks to explore key questions and debates surrounding the topic, helping them to analyse, interpret and evaluate the material presented.

Table of Contents: Chapter 1 What are the standard views on the civil rights movement? Chapter 2 How did the segregated system in the South develop? Chapter 3 Why did the First and Second World War fail to bring blacks their freedom? Chapter 4 How did blacks challenge segregation after 1945? Chapter 5 How did the civil rights struggle become a mass movement? Chapter 6: How did the civil rights movement end segregation? Chapter 7: How successful was the civil rights movement Photographs from the civil rights period Glossary

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