Living Proof
Is There Life After Death?

By Ken Quine
ISBN: 1-85776-064-6
131 p.
$19.50 Paper

The Reverend Canon Quine has a psychic gift: when those on "the other side" choose to offer comfort and advice to those left behind, he has been able to pass on their messages. He is a spiritual healer, and has enjoyed dome very positive successes. Without sensationalism, he discusses how he receives these messages through 'guides', and on the way introduces us to the multiplicity of interesting characters he has met over the years-both from this world and the next one. But this is not just the story of one man's psychic experiences. Canon Quine has explored the phenomenon extensively, asking questions both of himself and of his fellow psychics-some of whom appear to have even more extraordinary gifts than the author himself. The result is Living Proof, a glimpse of a world beyond and a challenge to the skeptics who deny the possibility of life after physical death.

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