Private Collection of the
Teachings of the Masters

Volume 1

By Athena Hamilton
ISBN: 1-85776-346-7
237 p.
$48.95 Cloth

As the millennium draws to a close, it seems that the human race has lost its direction. People have lost perspective on what is right and what is wrong, and chaos and destruction are the rulers of our time. Planet Earth is embarking on a period of dramatic transition. What can be done? How can the human race prepare for the future? What can we do to fill the spiritual vacuum of the end of the Twentieth Century?

To cut through this void, humanity must undergo a fundamental transformation in how we perceive our physical and spiritual being. In preparation for the time when we must take our rightful place in the Galactic Milieu, this collection of teachings offers suggestions about how we must accept welcome this change, and examines how to set up a school to help prepare for the future.

Recorded in this book are messages of love and encouragement from those who have made this journey before us. Shared through channeling, these are words of wisdom and compassion, of comfort and of hope. Embrace them, and be a part of a brighter and more positive future.

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