59 Minutes to a Calmer Life
Practical Strategies for Reducing Stress
in Your Personal & Professional Life

By Paul McGee
December 2001
Go MAD Books
ISBN: 0-9537284-3-9
215 pages, illustrated
$26.50 paper original

Welcome to the 21st Century! An age of rapid and constant change, an explosion of new technology, increased pressure and demands, more choice, greater expectations, more relationships falling apart and less certainty. Yet despite the many advances of humankind and increasing prosperity, many people are struggling to lead a calmer life. In this book, you will discover how to deal with people who cause you stress; adopt a way of thinking to conquer worry; reduce your frustration, anxiety and anger; stop overreacting to trivial events; achieve a more realistic balance in life; and more!

Author biography:
Paul McGee is an international trainer, coach, author and professional speaker. He combines his background in psychology with common sense and humor to provide practical insights and ideas to help people and organizations achieve greater success.

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