Applied Economics

Edited by Alan Griffiths & Stuart Wall
September 2001
Pearson Education, UK
ISBN: 0273651528
868 pages, Illustrates
$67.50 paper original

Contents include: Changes in the UK economic structure. Company accounts as a source of financial information. Firm objectives & firm behaviour. The small firm. Mergers & acquisitions in the growth of the firm. Oligopoly. The multinational corporation. Privatization & deregulation. Pricing in practice. Economics of the environment. Regional & urban policy. Transport. Social policy. Distribution of income & wealth. Trade unions, wages & collective bargaining. Consumption & saving. Investment. Public expenditure. Taxation. Money & EMU. Financial institutions & markets. Inflation. Unemployment. Managing the economy. Exchange rates. United Kingdom trade performance. Free trade, regional trading blocs & protectionism. European union. Transition economies. Economics of developing countries. Guide to sources.

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