AS Law for AQA

By CatherineElliott
November 2008
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ISBN: 9781405858861
656 pages,
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AS Law for AQA is written specifically to cover the requirements of the AQA exam board and has been designed to be used by all levels and styles of learner with each being challenged and excited by their study.  


Unit 1: Law making and the legal System

Section A: Law making

Part 1: Parliamentary law making

Chapter 1: Parliamentary law making

Part 2: Delegated legislation

Chapter 2: Delegated legislation

Part 3: Statutory interpretation

Chapter 3: Statutory interpretation

Part 4: Judicial precedent

Chapter 4: Judicial precedent

Section B: The Legal System

Part 5: The civil courts and other forms of dispute resolution

Chapter 5: The civil courts

Chapter 6: Tribunals

Chapter 7: Alternative methods of dispute resolution

Part 6: The criminal courts and lay people

Chapter 8: Criminal courts

Chapter 9: Magistrates

Chapter 10: The jury

Part 7: The Legal Profession and other sources of advice and funding

Chapter 11: The legal profession

Chapter 12: Paying for legal services

Part 8: The judiciary

Chapter 13: The judges

Unit 2: The concept of liability

Section A: Introduction to criminal liability

Part 9: Underlying principles of criminal liability

Chapter 14: Elements of a crime: actus reus

Chapter 15: Elements of a crime: mens rea

Chapter 16: Non-fatal offences against the person

Chapter 17: Strict liability in criminal law

Part 10: The criminal courts, procedure and sentencing

Chapter 18: Criminal Procedure

Chapter 19 Sentencing

Section B: Introduction to tort

Part 11: Liability in negligence

Chapter 20 Negligence

Part 12: The civil courts, procedure and damages

Chapter 21 Civil procedure

Chapter 22 Compensatory damages

Section C: Introduction to contract

Part 13: Formation of contract

Chapter 23 Offer and acceptance

Chapter 24 Intention to create legal relations

Chapter 25 Consideration

Part 14 Breach of contract

Chapter 26 Breach of contract

Part 15: The civil courts, procedure and damages

Chapter 27 Compensatory damages

Appendix 1: Answering examination questions

Appendix 2: A guide to law reports and case references

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Catherine Elliott is a qualified Barrister and Lecturer in Law at City University. She has extensive experience of teaching law.

Frances Quinn is an award-winning journalist, with a particular interest and experience in law.

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