Central Debates in British Politics

Edited by Justin Fisher, et al.
December 2002
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0-582-43727-X
400 Pages, Illustrated
$57.50 paper original

Central Debates in British Politics focuses on British politics in a changing social, economic and institutional context. The book explores issues and debates using a variety of approaches and techniques. It is written and edited by a team of leading experts who analyze key issues in a highly structured and thematic manner.

Features: Highly structured text - each chapter includes a background section, theoretical considerations, a summary of the central debates and an update on recent developments. All chapters are contextualized by an introduction identifying enduring arguments about politics as well as broad patterns of change in British politics. Themes - common themes appear throughout the book- the changing nature of governance, representation, modernization, and the influence of the European Union. Pedagogy - chapters include information boxes, tables, summaries and examples. Each chapter features a summary with bullet points highlighting key points. At the end of each chapter a list of further readings is provided, as well as questions for student discussions.

Justin Fisher Department of Government, Brunel University. David Denver, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Lancaster. John Benyon Institute of Lifelong Learning, University of Leicester.

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